Fire Brigade holds an Educational Seminar


The Director of the Fire Department, Mr. Ahmet Özmenek, and Fire Brigade Officer Selçuk Tabakçı visited our University and initiated a comprehensive training process for RDU personnel on Fire Precautions and Practices.

The first stage of training included fire-fighting measures. The second stage included the use of fire extinguishers and practical measures to be taken at the Fire Department, and the third stage included a fire drill. A week before the three-phase training program, Fire Brigade Sergeant Sonal Darbukacı visited RDU and carried out the necessary examinations of the campus building and shared his views on the infrastructure with our Rector.

In the first phase of the training, firefighter Selçuk Tabakçı made a general presentation to RDU staff and students about what needs to be done in the face of fire, how to take precautions, and how to respond to fire. In the second part of the seminar, Mr. Tabakçı provided information on fire extinguisher tubes and showed a small re-enactment of fire with the voluntary participation of the audience.

Speaking of the measures and practices to be taken against fire before the training program, RDU Rector Prof. Dr. Hasan Ali Bıçak thanked Mr. Ahmet Özmenek, Director of the Fire Department, for his contributions. Mr. Ahmet Özmenek thanked Rauf Denktaş University in return and stated that the information and practices to be provided are very important not only for the University but also for everyone’s lives at home.

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