RDU-FLEPS honors Success of its Students


On 22 June 2020, the students who have been registered to the University’s English language preparatory program came together to celebrate their success together.
RDU as all other universities in North Cyprus had to stop its traditional face-to-face classes due to the COVID19 pandemic. However, employing MOODLE and other Online communication platforms, RDU has been greatly successful in providing teaching and learning opportunities for each of its students. The success rates of the students taking English language preparatory courses in the Spring 2019-20 semester is proof of the RDU’s success.
By the end of the lockdown limitations imposed by the government’s preventive policies, the University invited all students who registered to the English preparatory program to celebrate their success together in RDU’s Main Administration Building.
By the start of this ceremony, the RDU’s Rector, Prof. Dr. Bicak made a speech in which he congratulated all the successful students and re-mentioned the fact that our University cares as much as it can to its students, the betterment of their knowledge and improvement of their generic skills.
During the ceremony, successful students received their certificates of success from the Rector, Prof. Dr. Bicak, the Director of FLEPS, and some of the faculty members of the University. By the end of the ceremony, students came together on the Ground Floor and exchanged their ideas about their experience of studying online at a cocktail party.

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