RDU signs a Cooperation Protocol with Yenicami Sports Club

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The Rector of Rauf Denktaş University (RDU), Prof. Dr. Hasan A. Bıçak, and the President of Yenicami Sports Club (YAK), Mr. Ali Vehid, have signed a cooperation protocol in the fields of education and sports.

Within the framework of the Cooperation, Protocol signed at Rauf Denktaş University, the Yenicami Sports Club will make use of the university’s amphitheater, classrooms, and computer labs for any necessary activities. RDU will provide a full scholarship to a successful athlete who plays in the first team while providing her/him with the opportunity to enroll as a “special status” student with a maximum of 2 courses per semester so that she/he can participate in the YAK training.

RDU, on the other hand, will be able to take advantage of the sports facilities used by the Club for any sporting activity. Besides, RDU and YAK will organize seminars and workshops within the framework of mutual understanding to promote sport-based education and to carry out projects of mutual social responsibility aimed at raising awareness of environmental and social issues in regional, national, and international sports.

After signing the Protocol, Mr. Ali Vehid, President of the Yenicami Sports Club, said that he was very pleased to sign the Cooperation Protocol with Professor Hasan Ali Bıçak and RDU.

Prof. Dr. Hasan Ali Bıçak thanked Ali Vehid and stated that the Cooperation Protocol included benefits for the YAK and the Community and that RDU would make an effort to make similar arrangements with other clubs in the coming days.

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