Öğrenim Ücretleri ve Burslar

All overseas students will be granted 50% scholarship.
RDU offers a limited number of 100%, 80% and 75% scholarships to outstanding students as well.
At RDU, high honor incentive scholarships are available and students could be recruited as assistants and offered jobs in the University.
Students from the same family (siblings, cousins) and with outstanding achievement in sports will have 80% scholarship.

Tuition fee for all the programs is $11.500 annually. All international students are granted 50% scholarship and their annual tuition fee is $5.750 accordingly.

A student with 50%, 75%, 80% and 100% scholarships has to pay $2875, $1437, $1150 and $750 respectively in order to receive an acceptance letter from the Registrar’s Office.

At RDU, high honour incentive scholarships are also available There are other opportunities  for  part−time  employment  on  the  University premises (e.g. library, international office, sports facilities etc.)

For English Preparatory Program, all the course materials are included in the fees.

PRICE TYPE NORMAL FEE 50% 75% 80% 100%
Tuition Fee $ 11.010 $ 5.260 $ 2.385 $ 1.810 $ 0
Other Expenses $ 490 $ 490 $ 490 $ 490 $ 750
Total $ 11.500 $ 5.750 $ 2.875 $ 2.300 $ 750
*Other expenses include: Registration, Social Activities, Health Insurance, 5% VAT

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Bank Account Information

You may use the following bank account information for money transactions . When you make a payment, please email us the transaction receipt of your fee payment so that we can issue the acceptence letter for your visa application (for those requiring a visa to travel to North Cyprus).

IBAN: TR97 0006 4000 0026 8130 0134 37
Account No: 6813 – 13437
  Held at ISBANK Arasta-Nicosia/TRNC  Branch
Remittance Information: Student Name and Surname
Last digits of the reference number found at the top of the acceptance letter.
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