Computer Center

About Computer Center

Computer Center has its main facility located in Nicosia Old City. It maintains an ever growing infrastructure that meets computational needs of the university in laboratories operated by the center itself and the faculties.

The center strives to improve (university’s) IT capabilities beyond that provided by its contemporaries.

Services Provided :

  • Connection to internet, via Turkish National Research and Education Network (ULAKNET) with more than 1 Gbps bandwidth,
  • Local area network infrastructure, accessible at 1Gbps speed from all campuses and buildings and by all computers,
  • More than all clients, provisioned with e-mail, mailing list and various internet services,
    Web based e-mail services; (
  • Centralized server infrastructure, comprises physical and virtual GNU/Linux and Windows servers that host more than 50 web sites,
  • Wireless network access, available in all campuses and buildings,
  • Wired and wireless connections to internet from dormitories,
  • Opportunity to install and use various proprietary software legally,
  • Computer labs in Nicosia Campuses, providing access to internet and printing services everyday of week,



Rauf Denktas University Computer Center (CC) is a service unit supporting education and research with its technological infrastructure. Its main responsibility is to ensure 24/7 Internet access within the University through this infrastructure. The Computer Center’s services include providing licensed software packages for use within the University, hardware and software maintenance, e-mail and domain name services.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Rauf Denktas University Computer Center’s Mission ;

  • Provide computer services geared for academic and research uses,
  • Create, maintain, and manage the communication infrastructure between the University’s campuses,
  • Provide software and usage support to the University’s managerial departments,
  • Provide computer services to students and academic personnel,
  • Pursue technological developments closely to attain the highest level in information technologies.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision

To serve the University with advanced information technologies in a fast, dynamic manner in full dialog and coordination with other departments and to assist the University’s various departments by developing the necessary related applications.


The Computer Center;

  • will play a more active role in education and provide students with the necessary environment and opportunity to advance in the field of information technology.
  • will strengthen corporate structure, provide a global perspective on all work processes by constantly producing and updating documentation..
  • Establish globally accepted rational procedures for all investment decisions in the Computer Center.



• Providing physical installation of campus network infrastructure, maintenance, and arrangement of it.

• Identification of active/passive devices to be used on the network, to add new services, system infrastructure design, development and execution of the integration.

• Design hardware and software infrastructure to implementation of central network management, detecting updated version of software of the current active devices.

• Continuous observation of the internet usage traffic in the central system, analyzing and the reporting of errors, tracking the performance of active devices, fixing the problematic points to gain dynamics.

• The establishment of the internet and network connections for the existing or newly established units within the university, dealing with failures and helping to resolve problems on time and on place.

• Providing stable internet access with sufficient speed and bandwidth to the campus, creating virtual networks to optimize internet traffic.

• Organizing of IP addresses.

• Providing security of the network.

• Sketching the campus network topology, increase awareness of unit employees and end users about how they should do, what they should do in the system by providing periodic training.

• Following new technology to conduct research about how to add innovations to the existing infrastructure.

• Establishment of a system that has an appropriate network usage / network management        according to standards and rules and providing well designed documentation system.

RDU Card

  • Printing of the cards,
    • Student ID card
    • Staff ID card
    • Alumni card
    • Campus card
  • Providing support for turnstiles located at entrances of cafeterias and campuses,
  • Installation of the card reader system on the doors and providing support,
  • Refunding of the excess money withdrawn, occurring in cafeterias,
  • Providing support for Staff Transport System

Hardware Support

• Troubleshooting and repairing of the hardware failures of computers in demand from inland of the University.

• Repairing of hardware problems and updates of computers in Computer Center and its labs.


• Training users about how to use administration panel of web sites and applications designed for academic and administrative units.

• Preparing documents

System Administration

• Web space is provided to Academic-Administrative Unit of the Student clubs.

• Web space FTP account management.

• DNS (domain name) management.

• E-mail accounts ( extension) provision.

• Firewall policy determination and management.

• Establishment of e-mail list.

• Webmail applications.

• The minutes of the Senate, Research Fund for connection to the web page user-password operations.

• Management of attacks on detection and prevention systems.

• E-mail system management, smtp gateways, spam / virus protection, policy determination, implementation.

• Web server and end user database management.

• Backup systems management.

• User authentication and other security-policy determination, implementation.

• System server management, system security policy determination, implementation.


• Managing and updating Rauf Denktas University and Computer Center web sites.

• Developing web applications and designing web sites for academic and administrative units.

• Support to web sites and applications prepared for academic and administrative units

Software Support

• Keeping university received licensed software running smoothly on university computers.

• Maintanence and update of “license” server where licensed software is kept.

• Fixing of software problems of devices that has an inventory number on them and used by academic and administrative staff.

• Installation, maintenance and management of CC computers that are contained in the student computer lab.