RDU in Brief

Rauf Denktas University
In Brief

Rauf Denktas University, RDU, took its name from the founding and long-term president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Mr Rauf Raif Denktaş, who had distinguished himself as an accomplished lawyer, organizer, human rights leader and political activist.

RDU was established to preserve and bequeath to the younger generation Mr. Denktash`s legacies and ideas about economic, social, educational, religious, and cultural rights of minorities, human dignity, self-determination and peaceful coexistence between different peoples.

Accordingly, RDU seeks to be a university of choice with its excellent teaching and research faculty as well as facilities. It seeks to provide high quality education that enables its graduate to be employable internationally. RDU also seeks to contribute, through research, towards identifying and proposing solutions to local and international problems.

All RDU programs undergo rigorous national and international accreditation processes to ensure its students are provided with world standard education. Currently, RDU programs have been accredited by the competent educational authorities of the TRNC, the National Ministry of Education and Culture and the Higher Education Accreditation and Coordination Council (YODAK), Higher Education Council, YOK in Turkey and externally by the famous accreditation agency, the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) based in Germany.

RDU gives utmost importance and priority to the international employability of its graduates, it continues to work with local and international partners, prospective employers, professional bodies and academic institutions to design curricular that meet current and evolving market needs. Each program at RDU consists of a significant component tailored to meet the specificities of the economies, cultures, values and legal aspects of the target countries, thereby equipping RDU graduates with relevant competencies that enable them to be employed internationally.

RDU is temporarily located in the historic city of Nicosia, which serves as the capital city of North Cyprus. The city is booming with students from diverse cultures, its safe, friendly, and has a pleasant Mediterranean climate making it an ideal place for learning.

The medium of instruction at RDU, except for Turkish Law, is English. The English Preparatory Program offers intensive English courses for students with low-level English. Additionally, students with a weak background in mathematics and computer skills are offered foundation classes. Students are also introduced to Turkish history, culture and language as part of their program of study.

Courses at RDU are based on the American Credit System and its equivalent, the European Credit and Transfer System (ECTS).

RDU provides students with the opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities and develop generic learning skills such as leadership and team work. Our student clubs embody such an ambition as they provide the necessary environment for personal development.

Sport Clubs such as RDU Football, RDU Futsal, and RDU Basketball allow male and female students to practice their favorite sport at amateur level. Sport Clubs also have to represent RDU in competitions organized by the TRNC Inter-University Sports Federation.

RDU students are also invited to form or join one of our Student Societies. The Societies gather students from the same nationality and provide them with an environment in which they can express their national and cultural identities and enhance diversity at RDU.

One of our most important clubs is RDU Student Union. This is a representative Assembly made of students from different genders, age groups, nationalities, and departments. The Student Union represents and defends the interest of all students before the Administration and plays a role in the governance of the University.


Rauf Denktas University is committed to providing quality education, maintaining currency through research and establishing an increasing level of engagement with the society.


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