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The mission of Rauf Denktas University Faculty of Law is to be the center that provides high-quality legal education in primarily the national, but also the international field, that contributes to the improvement of legal institutions and systems by committing to be a rich legal source; to educate legal practitioners that possess the ability to solve legal problems and that have embraced the international principles of law, with cultural richness and high communication skills and to raise leaders, academics and scientists for different legal institutions of the country with the quality to follow the necessities of public and determine de lege ferenda.


Law (Turkish)

The vision of Rauf Denktas University Faculty of Law is to become a law faculty that not only teaches law but produces law, with a standard of international legal principles; that establishes its pioneering national role in the international field by deriving power from its deep-rooted history, and which being a member of is a source of pride and prestige.

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Law Program (Turkish)

Abdi Cavus St. Walled Old City – Nicosia / North Cyprus
P.O. Box 139 Via Mersin 10 – Turkey.

+90 392 600 16 16
[email protected]

Mon – Fri 8:30A.M. – 5:30P.M.

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The PLP in Drafting Legislation, Regulation, and Policy has been offered by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies with considerable success since 2004.