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Faculty of Architecture and Engineering

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These faculties, which started education as the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts and the Faculty of Engineering in 2018, were combined under a single faculty as the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering in 2020. There are 3 programs under the Architecture and Software Engineering departments. These are Architecture (4 years B.Arch), Software Engineering (4 years, B.S) and Computer Programming and Information Technologies (2 years, A.C.P) programs.
The Faculty regularly monitors and improves the compliance of the curricula it implements with international standards. In the educational process, it directs its students to individual and group research. In this way, it can train them both in their own disciplines and as individuals who can cooperate with different disciplines.


Architecture Program

Software Engineering Program

Information Systems and Technologies Program

Computer Technology and Programming Program

At RDU Faculty of Architecture and Engineering, students receive an excellent education in a lively academic, cultural and social environment. It is that combination that both promotes and satisfies intellectual curiosity and enhances personal development to meet the new challenges of an ever-changing world.

Why Study Here?

It’s our mission at RDU to prepare you for the future – whatever it may look like for you.
So, we’ll encourage and support you to develop your practical know-how alongside your technical skills, grab opportunities to experience new things here in Cyprus and across the globe, get as much hands-on experience as you can, and network with our industry and community partners.

The Faculty of Architecture and Engineering of Rauf Denktas University aims to be a leading center of innovation and creativity, dedicated to education, science, research.