Campus & Services

Campus Tour

Being located in the heart of Nicosia’s Old City, the University occupies four different buildings with an undergoing development project constructing the University’s main campus in a land of 85 acres.

RDU Buildings

The main building of RDU includes the Administration Units including Rector’s Office, Registrar’s Office and Faculty Deans’ Offices. The Dikilitas Building, is the home of lecture halls and the FLEPS. The Asmaalti Building hosts Faculty of Law and its practice labs. The RDU Culture Centre is a building designed to host cultural events with a capacity of 400 people in its Theatre Hall and another 6 smaller halls with a capacity of 120 people in each.


RDU Library provides easy access to the world academic resources, and variety of study environment for student and academic staff. The library offers materials in the form of print and electronics collections, and online access to the research databases.


RDU has Computer Lab equipped with latest desktop computers. All the computers are connected to the high-speed network access. The Architecture Workshop Room provides students with all the necessary facilities to carry out their projects.

Health Centre

RDU cares about the health and well-being of its students, academic and administrative staff. RDU Health Centre provides first aid to any of its students or staff that needs medical attention. In case the patient requires further treatment, s/he is transferred to a nearby hospital. Medical expenses are covered by health insurance. Once any medical treatment starts at the hospital, the University’s International Office will contact with the student as well as the hospital to ensure that the best possible medical care is delivered. After the release of the student from the hospital, he/she will be interviewed to evaluate his/her satisfaction with the medical service received.

Religious Services

Facilities are made available for those who would like to fulfill their religious obligations. For Muslim students the Mosque is next to the University. For non-Muslim students University provides all the necessary facilities.

Canteens and Cafés

RDU hosts a canteen in each of its buildings in which students can dine with very reasonable student prices. In addition to dispenser machines located in each building, students may also enjoy passing time together in the University’s café.