RDU and TRNC Chamber of Engineering & Architecture sign an Agreement of Collaboration

Rauf Denktas University, Faculty of Architecture and Engineering, signed an Agreement of Collaboration with the TRNC Chamber of Engineering & Architecture on the 14th of July, 2020.
Before signing the Agreement, the Director of the TRNC Chamber of Engineering & Architecture (KTMMOD), Dr. Kozan Uzunboylu, highlighted the importance of collaboration between universities and professional bodies such as KTMMOD. He then referred to RDU as one of the young but pioneer universities in North Cyprus which can play a very significant role in advancing the TRNC especially with benefitting from its knowledgeable faculty members.
RUD’s Rector, Prof. Dr. Hasan Ali Bicak, expressed his feelings in collaborating with KTMMOD and ensured that Rauf Denktas University is always ready to share its technical and academic knowledge with the purpose of advancing the engineering and architecture status of the country.

In this meeting, Prof. Dr. Hasan Ali Bicak (Rector) and Dr. Hasan Zafersoy (Faculty member) were present from RDU and from KTMMOD, Dr. Kozan Uzunboylu (Director), and Mr. Türker Ataç (ex-Director) were present.