Fire Training in RDU

Fire Marshal Ahmet Özmenek and Fire Fighter Selçuk Tabakçı attended and visited Rauf Denktaş University and Rector Prof. Dr. Hasan Ali Bıçak and provided training on the Precautions and Practices to be Taken Against Fire.
The training included of three stages. In the first stage, the precautions to be taken against fire will be explained in the training, in the second stage, the use of fire extinguishers in the Fire Authority and the practical explanation of the actions to be taken in case of emergency, and the fire drill in the last stage. One week before the trainings started, Fire Authority Sergeant Mr. Sonal Darbukacı shared his observations with the Rector of RDU during his visit to the campus building.
In the first stage of the training, Selçuk Tabakçı gave a comprehensive presentation to RDU staff and students about what to do against fire, what precautions to take and how to intervene. In the second part of the seminar, Mr. Tabakçı gave information about fire extinguishers, did a small fire re-enactment with the voluntary participation of our university staff and showed how to control fire in practice.
In order to ensure that the training seminar, which was held with high participation, was delivered effectively, Mr. Selcuk Tabakçı’s seminar, It was translated into English by Coordinator of the Faculty of Business and Economics Dr. Mustafa Avcın and into French by International Relations Office Staff Gaelle Chagna Tchiegue.

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