First aid seminar from Dr. Naciye Nami to RDU staff

Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital, Responsible of 112 Command and Control Center and “112 Emergency Service Training” Naciye Nami gave a seminar on “First Aid” to RDU personnel. RDU personnel who attended the seminar had the opportunity to learn the truth of practices that have been misunderstood by some people, as well as health and first aid information, at the seminar. It was emphasized that the ‘tourniquet’ procedure he applied was wrong application and that the injured had to be turned face down in order for the blood to flow out. Dr. Naciye Nami, who has worked in the Emergency Service for 14 years, also gave detailed information to the university officials about how the university’s first aid room should be equipped and what kind of first aid materials should be kept in it. Since Naciye Nami has received trainer training, if requested, 1-2 personnel from Rauf Denktaş University, Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu Hospital, will also be able to give a higher level of training on first aid. RDU Rector Prof. Dr. H. A. Bıçak said that providing student-oriented education and student satisfaction is extremely important in universities that provide quality education and that RDU shows great sensitivity and care to this, and that the First Aid seminar in question is a part of this.

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