RDU Students in the Internship Program at the Turkish Bank

The Turkish Bank hosted a welcoming meeting to extend a warm reception to a group of Rauf Denktas
University’s students commencing their internship. The meeting, held at the Turkish Bank, was graced by
Dr. Engin Arı, Turkish Bank's Executive Board Member; Mr. Kozan Karakurt, Board and Audit Committee
Member; Mrs. Yasemin Çıral, Chief Financial Officer; Mr. Umut Görçin, Digital Banking Director; and
Mrs. Çise Bayraktar, Business Architect. The RDU Rector, Prof. Dr. Hasan A. Bicak, along with the
academic staff, also attended the meeting.
Prof. Dr. Hasan A. Bicak, RDU Rector, emphasized the importance of collaboration between academia and
the industry. He discussed the evolving landscape of the banking industry and encouraged interns to explore
and contribute to innovative solutions during their time at the Turkish Bank.
The welcoming meeting provided a platform for the interns to gain valuable insights into the working
environment of banks. Dr. Engin Arı, in his address, expressed the bank's commitment to providing a
conducive learning environment for the interns, fostering their growth and development in the banking
The collaboration between Turkish Bank and Rauf Denktas University was further highlighted as RDU
Rector expressed gratitude for the opportunity provided to the students and underlined the university's
commitment to preparing future professionals in the finance and banking sectors.
There are two groups of internship students. The first group's internships begin on January 22, 2024, and end
on February 9, 2024. The internships for the second group start on February 12, 2024, and last through
March 1, 2024. Intern students will gain a unique opportunity to acquire a variety of skills through
instruction in financial data analysis, report writing, practical banking operations, including exploring digital
platforms and artificial intelligence (AI) in banking.

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